NAJOS coordinates and advises on expansion of Orthodox Jewish schools. We also coordinate the admissions procedures for Orthodox Jewish primary schools and nurseries primarily in NW London and in advising parents as to their legal rights. 

We will soon be coordinating admissions for Kehillos in Manchester and Gateshead.


On 12th December 2017 a “Nursery Admissions” evening was held in NW London for Heads of Nurseries and their Chairs of Governors.  Led by NAJOS trustee Adrian Jacobs, all who were present discussed the most suitable timetable for Nursery admissions.

The following timetable was confirmed:


Monday, 23rd February / Tuesday 24th February

Schools post* first round of acceptances OR Schools email first round of acceptances

Also, schools issue waiting/rejection lists as appropriate

Tuesday 3rd March

Parents must accept/reject first round offer

Tuesday 17th March / Wednesday 18th March

Schools post* second round of acceptances OR Schools email second round of acceptances

Tuesday 24th March

Parents must accept/reject second round offer

Parents are requested to contact NAJOS at the earliest opportunity if they are concerned that their child is not going to gain a nursery place for September 2017.

 This year we are joined by the following schools & their respective nurseries: 

Beis Chinuch Girls Primary School; Beis Soroh Schneirer Primary School; Beis Yaakov Primary School; Beit Shvidler Primary School; Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary School; Gan Menachem; Hasmonean Primary School; Independent Jewish Day School; Menorah Foundation Primary School; Menorah Primary School; Noam Primary School; North West London Jewish Day School; Pardes House Primary School; Peninim Girls Primary School; Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomo; Tashbar Boys Primary; Torah Temimah Primary School; Torah Vodaas Primary School;  Lubavitch Kindergarten.

 Other issues discussed at the meeting were:

-       Lack of nursery staff qualified up to NVQ level 3 in child care.  This is since the entry requirements for this level changed

-       More mothers requesting “wrap around” nursery to provide child care for the whole working day

-       Impact on nursery numbers since the change in regulations vis a vis flow from nursery to reception

-       Appeals panel training

There was also a presentation given by Mrs Sandra Teacher who gave a very informative talk about procedures and regulations connected with an Ofsted visit to early years providers.