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In order to help us to help you protect our children from having to grapple with issues that are totally out of our radar, PLEASE submit a response to the consultation.  You only need to answer the questions that apply to you. In order to provide background to the consultation and advise you as to the content of your answers, NAJOS has complied a guidance document that can be found upon completing this form below. NAJOS will be welcoming the consultation lead person Mr Ian Bauckham to one of our schools where he will meet senior management, pupils and also communal Rabbonim who will have the opportunity to explain our approach to relationships and relationships education as well as our no-go areas.

Parliamentary Consultation on RSE The Strengthening Families Manifesto supports traditional families using a number of avenues in Parliament.  They organised a debate in the Palace of Westminster which was attended by members of both the House of Commons and House of Lords, religious representatives, school leaders and delegates from concerned organisations.  Mrs Nemeth was invited to attend as a member of the panel, representing the faith view and speaking on “the impact of religious ethos and practices on RSE in schools”.   In introducing Mrs Nemeth, Executive Chair of The Strengthening Families Manifesto, former MP David Burrowes publicly thanked Mrs Nemeth for her contribution in formulating the wording of the RSE legislation in order that all faith groups will be able to continue to operate within the law.  A lively debate ensued giving the opportunity to make a further Kiddush Hashem and endeavour to “be a light unto the nations”.