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We are collecting information about schools in England only.
You could include: • Respect for and kindness towards others, concern for others, taking responsibility, honesty, loyalty, trust, different people, values and customs. • The importance of friendships and how to maintain them; the importance of good peer relationships in our lives, recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships, getting on with each other, recognising own and others’ feelings, the need for space • Why bullying is wrong and how to react if it happens; • How to stay safe with strangers and on the internet if appropriate; • How to interact politely with others; effective communication and assertiveness
You could • Make reference to your school’s (or your • children’s school’s) Kodesh curriculum and how respect is intrinsic to this. • Refer to a Middos programme that your school runs • Show how Yiddishkeit is built on respect • Give examples on how respectful your children and their friends are
• Describe if they have no access • Describe if they have filtered access • Do you think they need to be educated about the internet and its dangers to prepare them for the future?
Please comment on how: • Schools must be able to retain their faith and cultural identity in teaching PSHE • PSHE will be taught via various subjects • PSHE must indicate themes, not prescribe statutory subjects