LONDON      -     Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah, Beis Chinuch Edgware, Beis Malka, Beis Malka/Beis Yaakov Sem, Beis Medrash Elyon, Beis Rochel Satmar Early years, Beis Rochel Satmar High School, Beis Rochel Satmar Primary, Beis Soroh Schneirer, Beis Trana Early Years Nursery, Beis Trane Girls School, Beis Trane High School, Beis Yaacov Primary School, Beit Shvidler, Beth Jacob Grammar, Bnos Beis Yaakov, Gan Menachem, Gan Yachad, Hasmonean Primary, IJDS(independent jewish day school), Lubavitch Boys Primary School, Lubavitch Edgware Kindergarten, Lubavitch Girls Primary, Lubavitch High School for Girls, Menorah Grammar, Menorah High School for Girls, Mesivta, MFS, MPS, Naima JPS, Nes, Noam, NWLJDS(north west london jewish day school), Pardes House Grammar School, Pardes Primary, Pardes Nursery, Peninim, Tashbar, Tiferes, Tiferes Shlomo, Torah Vodaas Primary School, Yesodei Hatorah senior girls school    

GATESHEAD      -      Ateres, Gateshead, Gateshead Cheder, Gateshead Cheder High, Gateshead Nursery, Gateshead administrative services, Haskel (special needs school), Kesser Girls (Gateshead), Kesser torah boys (Gateshead), Mechina (boys high gateashead)   

MANCHESTER   -     Bes chinuch manchester, Bnos Manchester, BYJHS manchester (beis yakov jewish high school), Broughton Jewish, Bury/Whitefield Jew Prim School, Mesivtah - manchester, Mesivtah - manchester, Yesoday Hatorah (Manchester)

Schools' Representative Council

Primary and secondary schools from across the country are represented in the NAJOS SRC which meet termly to discuss schools’ current and potential challenges and explore how NAJOS can meet the schools’ needs.

Chairs of School Governors Executive

A group of school governors meet termly with NAJOS executive to discuss important general school issues with NAJOS in order that NAJOS remains at the cutting edge of their support and provision for all NAJOS schools.

It is estimated that of the 34,000 pupils in Jewish Schools in the UK over 80% are in Orthodox, or strictly Orthodox institutions. NAJOS acts as an umbrella organisation and represent them in all matters of legislation and dissemination of information.

This  formal statement by NAJOS confirms that no unregistered Jewish school is a subscriber to NAJOS’s services.

NAJOS continues to recommend that all schools fully comply with the all recommended guidelines including Health and Safety and Safeguarding, working within the infrastructure established by national government policies and all inspection bodies.          NAJOS is willing to work and advise unregistered Jewish schools to become registered.